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Membership Yearly Subscription:

  1. Student Membership – N2,500 / PA
  2. Associate Membership – N10,000 / PA
  3. Fellow Membership – N15,000 / PA
  4. PFD – N20,000

Introducing ICEN

About Us

The Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (I.C.E.N) was established out of burning desire to promote and encourage the study and development of the art and science of economics in public practice, industries, commerce etc and to inculcate professionalism and specialization in the economics profession in Nigeria.

In view of this development, the institute had been mandated by the Act establishing it to regulate the activities of all the different aspects of Economics such as Monetary Economics, Industrial Economics, Business Economics, Educational and welfare economics, Economics of International relations, Agricultural Economics, Petroleum Economics, etc.


Prospective members are advised to read through the membership category above, download the registration form and apply for the category that best suit their qualification.


Fellow Membership

The Fellow Membership of the Institute is reserved strictly for the founding members and few individuals who have made the Institute proud by way of their constructive and direct useful…

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Associate Membership

The Associate Membership of the Institute is awarded to: (a) Candidate who have passed all sections of the professional examinations examinations and have satisfied all other laid down requirements.

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Student Membership

Student membership of the Institute is open to anybody who possess any of the following qualifications…

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The goal of the founders of the ICEN was to provide facilities for the training and re-training of professional economists for the Nigerian economy. Given the Institute’s experience in past years and the enormous challenges facing economics profession in Nigeria today, the council and management of the Institute are desirous and determined to refocus, restructure and revitalise it, to more effectively fulfill its mandate.