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ICEN National Conference Abuja, December 4th-7th, 2023

Programme Anchors

Professor Christopher Balogun Ominyofe, FCE+, FCDipl(UK), PfD, PhD

Prof. Christopher O. Balogun FCE, FCDipl (UK) DG of ICEN

Dr. Safiya Stephanie Musa FCE

Dr. Safiya Stephanie Musa FCE

Dr Victor Adoji

Dr. Victor-Adoji FCE

Prof. Felix A. O. Valentine FCE

Pro. Akande

Prof. Asiwaju S. Akande, FCE (Moderator & Supervisor)

Dr. chukwu

Associate Prof. Chinedumuije O. Christopher FCE

A link and code will be sent to all who registered and make payment online to join the live event during the conferences.
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