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Institutional/Organisational Membership

After having considered these broad criteria, if an institution/Organization believes it is in the position to submit an application, the President, Director-General, Dean, Vice Dean or Director of the Faculty/Institution/Programme must submit an online inquiry. After the inquiry has been received, the Executive Head will share it with the ICEN’s Membership Committee and or the Council to peruse.

If the institution/organization appears to meet the eligibility requirements, the organization or institution will be invited to submit a full application, which shall include the following:

(i) Letter of application from your organization/institution.
(ii) Copies of official documents detailing the mandate, scope and governing structure of your organization/institution.
(iii) Information on the activities undertaken by your institution/organization that indicates the competence of your institution in matters relating to anti-corruption, international trade, investment and, economic and or commercial services, etc, etc,…
(iv) Information on the affiliation of your institution with other professional bodies/organizations, national or international governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations or institutions involved in economics, anti-corruption related programmes and or activities.
(v) Fully completed application form with contact information of your institution/organization and of a designated contact point, Preferably the President/or Chairman/or Director-General/or Dean or Director for official communication with the secretariat.
(vi) Registration and Institutional Membership fee.

On receipt of the above, the institution’s application will be reviewed by Council for fulfillment of the conditions. Successful applicant institutions/organisations, following agreement and approval by the board and the Council, will be issued official Institutional Membership Certificate and letter of accreditation as ICEN Accredited Institutional Member. Only accepted Institutional Members may be eligible to all the benefits of Membership.

ICEN Accredited Institutional Members

ICEN accredited Institutional Members are licenced to train practitioners and students to lead in a world where nations are increasingly linked in matters of economic development, environment, policy, business and commerce, and the development and sharing of human and natural resources. Enquiries will be accepted at any time throughout the year.

ICEN Integrity

Institutional Members of the ICEN are the primary sources of advanced training for Chartered Economists practitioners in their respective states or regions. These institutions prepare practitioners for the global workplace of the 21st Century by combining multidisciplinary, economic policy-oriented programmes, inter-regional studies with career development. As the awarding and regulatory body, ICEN approves the tutors and or trainers/lecturers and sits on the examination board. Institutional/Organizational Members must therefore protect their integrity and be confident of their reputations by producing diverse, well-trained, competent and sophisticated Chartered Economists practitioners, many of whom might be (if not already) holding senior leadership/executive positions in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors throughout Nigeria and the entire world.

Institutional Membership Benefits

ICEN opens the door to careers in public service, private enterprise and nonprofit organizations worldwide. Licenced or accredited Chartered Economists hold senior executive positions throughout the Nigeria and the entire world in the following:

  • Governments
  • International Governmental Organizations
  • Multinational Corporations
  • International Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Consulting Firms
  • Professional Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Policy Research Centers
  • Cultural and Educational Exchange
  • Nongovernmental Organizations.

ICEN Advanced Professional Programmes

ICEN and or its partners sponsor a variety of forums, conferences, dinner-debates and seminars on policies, global economic programmes, responsible management education, anti-corruption and environment issues to enhance the professional development of our members, scholars and other practitioners

Additional Institutional Membership Benefits:

  1. Institutional Membership Certificate.

  2. Certificate of Accreditation.

  3. Reduced registration fee for events.

  4. Invitations to specialist briefings designed to meet members and nominees’ interest.

  5. Opportunity for nomination to Membership of national or International Advisory Board.