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Our Objectives

The objectives of the institute are:

  1. To provide an organization, National and International in scope activity for all economists, treasurers, financial officers in both public and private sectors of Nigeria economy.

  2. To unite all Nigerians holding local and foreign qualifications who are being employed as economists in the public services of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and beyond.

  3. To ensure a professional status necessary to promote and encourage the study and development of the art and science of economic in public practices, industry, commerce and public sectors.

  4. To develop from time to time standards in economics and economic matters that will meet both Nigeria and International standards.

  5. To hold examinations in economics and other subjects relevant to the profession and to issue certificates of merit on the results therefore and to make other awards as desirable.

  6. To ensure the highest professional standard by admitting to membership, persons who qualified through examinations and who have practical experience.

  7. To regulate the activities of the members and discipline any member for professional misconduct.

  8. To hold conferences, workshops, seminar and symposia for discussion on economic matter and duties, presentation of papers, literature, and to issue copies of abridgment of position paper, books, lectures, records and other memoranda.

  9. To instill a high standard of professional ability by means of regular publication of journals of the institute and to disseminate professional economics knowledge.

  10. To practice as economists and to advise the government and the private sectors on economic matters.

  11. To help in regulating and establishing standard prices on essential commodities for the benefit of the public.

  12. The establishment and maintenance of register of Fellows, Associates, Technicians and Registered students.

  13. To provide opportunities for contact between members of the institute or connected thereto professional organization for chartered economists and to protect their mutual interest.

  14. To increase, disseminate and promote knowledge, education, training and exchange information and ideas in respect of all questions relating thereto.

  15. To make it mandatory for all students and graduates of economics to write the professional examination of the Institute in order to acquire higher professional status as chartered economists.

As a further step in the provision of professional courses leading to the development and upgrading of professionalism, the Institute has deemed it fit to introduce some professional courses in the college of Economics. This quest resulted in the establishment of the College of Economics in Kaduna by the Institute using its popular delivery method of professionalism.

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