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The Council

The constitution provides that “there shall be a Governing body of the Institute, a Council charged with the administration and general management of the Institute” the Council consists of a total of twenty- five persons, being fellow and associate members.

The Chairman of council is the President who is assisted by a Vice- President and two Deputy Vice-President. Persons nominated by the Institute are from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

The President, the 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President each holds office for a term of two years from the date of their appointment.
There is also the honourary Treasurer who is the custodian of the Institute’s funds. All these officers are elected/appointed by council from among its members.

The duties of the governing council as stated in the constitution are as follows:

(a) To organise and provide programmes for the training, development, upgrading and certification of Chartered Economists;
(b) To conduct examinations in economics for registered students;
(c). To carry out research in conjunction with other bodies on any matter relevant to economic development in the country;
(d) To formulate policies and initiate programmes at all levels of the professional examinations to improve by way of research, the quality and content of economics profession in Nigeria.
(e) To assess from time to time the training and admission programmmes offered by the institution controlled by or associated with the institute, with a view to ascertaining the professional competence of those institutions;
(f) To offer such assistance, either alone or in co-operation with other educational bodies, as may be requested by the institutions controlled by or associated with the institute;
(g) To foster and enhance international co-operation in education of economists
(h) To perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full exchange of any of the functions of the Institute.

Good Corporate Conduct:

For a global Institution like the ICEN with great expectations from our stakeholders and members, how we manage our business is significant. This is the foundation of the principle of good corporate conduct. Our belief is that our Institutes should uphold high standards of behaviour and integrity. It is also about demonstrating what a socially responsible Institute should be and why high standards of corporate social responsibility should be promoted within the professional Institutions.

We have an obligation to ensure that our views and those of our stakeholders are not overlooked in the development and implementation of government policies that will affect us and them. Our position is that the professional Institutions should have a voice in the formulation of government polices affecting it.

We believe that our business and activities should be conducted in accordance with the highest degree of ethical standards, good corporate governance and in full compliance with the law. We deem it our responsibility to ensure that our employees, members, students and stakeholders at large continuously uphold high standards of conduct in the performance of their duties.

The Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria intend to:

(a) set the tone and culture for our Institution to uphold the standards of a good corporate citizen.
(b) ensure that actions of the ICEN, employees and members are lawful and in accordance with these standard